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I like movies a lot

I’m kinda glad that girl posted the convo she had with James because if it made me realize one thing it’s that if I was pretty and blonde I MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE!!!!

one last thing about james franco: if james was very aggressive about meeting up with this 17 year old girl (which by the way is legal in new york!!) then i would understand about being a pedophile and gross. if it has to do with age difference, people only are freaking out because she’s not 18, she’s 17 oooooooh wow!!! meanwhile nobody is saying shit about 19 year old dakota fanning with a 32 year old guy?? (why should they? good for her for bagging an older guy tbh) if it’s weird that james liked a younger woman than ok?? lots of guys like younger girls, and vise versa. the girl herself wasn’t phased by james who denied him and didn’t feel pressured obviously, and had her own personal gain by leaking the whole convo. so can everyone just shut up now like omfg??? 

if i have to hear someone call james franco a rapist one more time i will kill myself YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO RAPE SOMEONE TO BECOME A RAPIST FYI?????